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RE: [IP] Post Meal Dosing

My CDE has me correct for any high 2hrs after a meal. I can't correct before 
the two hours are up, but at the 2 hr. mark, I check and correct using half 
my normal ratio for corrections (normally use 1/35, pp use 1/70). I use the 
same target bg to calculate the bolus. I do not have a problem with lows as 
a result of this strategy. If I have lows, its usually because I 
miscalculated for a food or because I panicked over a high 1 1/2 hours after 
the meal, and tried to correct too soon.


>Even a normal person when having glucose tolerance tests, etc. done doesn't
>have their b.g. checked until 2 hrs after they eat.
>You are correct, in my opinion, to say that if you do a correction bolus in
>2 hrs, you will have lows later on.

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