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[IP] Re: North Carolina Driving

> 've renewed my
> license in Fayetteville, Winston Salem, Boone,
> Brevard and Asheville. I don't consider my diabetes
> a hindrance to my driving.

I'm sure laws vary greatly from state to state, but I'm in Washington
state, and when I renewed my licence for the first time after my dx, the
relevant question was phrased something to the effect of:  "In the past
six months, have you had any loss of consciousness or control that would
prevent you from safely operating a motor vehicle?"  (technically,
wouldn't sleeping count?  I do that every night!  LOL)  At that point I
told them about my diabetes but explained "that it had never caused a
problem for me while driving" (which it hasn't).  The lady assured me
that was fine and renewed my license.  She didn't inquire further about
any hypos I might have had, she didn't ask if I was T1 or T2, or if I
was on insulin, or anything.  As far as I could tell, she didn't even
appear to make a note of it in my records.

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