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[IP] Re: border checks driving Canada-USA

<< I fly to Canada in July with a
six month supply of pump stuff, insulin, other medications,a laptop, and all
things personal that I need for six months in the U.S.  I'll be driving
across the Canada/U.S. border with all of this.  Anybody have any
advice/stories about border checks when driving? (Except, of course, that I
should drive on the RIGHT side of the road!). Gretchen>>

Hi Gretchen,
     I live in Canada, and like most Canadians have driven regularly into the 
USA my entire life.  These comments are based on my personal experience.
     Border checks at the USA side:  these officials are looking for serious 
stuff--illegal drugs, weapons, criminals, attempted illegal entries etc.  
Canadian citizens are rarely inconvenienced by the border crossings, except 
that at peak times it may involve waiting time.   As a non-Canadian, non 
American citizen I assume you will likely leave your vehicle to fill out all 
necessary paperwork.  USA officials have never questioned me about anything 
carried in our vehicle, and this includes a trip post 9/11, other than the 
standard questions about weapons.
     A few years ago we flew to Disneyland.  I carried a small cooler with a 
5 month supply of insulin in it, as immediately after the trip we were moving 
to the UK.  The customs official looked bored as he asked me what was in the 
cooler.  He didn't ask to see the insulin inside.  No problems.   
Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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