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[IP] My first "Paradigm problem"

Well, I just had my first "Paradigm problem"!

All of a sudden, the "Off - No Power" alarm appeared.  I hadn't gotten
any "low battery" alarms prior to that, and the battery I'd been using
had only been in the pump a little over a week (my other batteries have
had lives of almost 3 weeks).  I put in another battery and that seemed
to fix the problem, but it still makes me a little nervous.

I called MM, and the lady asked me a bunch of questions about whether
I'd used Energizer batteries (I had), "excessive button pressing" (no
more than usual!), etc.  She finally concluded that it *might* just be a
bad battery, but that if it happens again to call and they'll replace
the pump.

Anyway, I hope it's just an isolated occurrance....

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