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[IP] Re: Post Meal BGs/Dosing

"This summer (2001), however, the American College of Endocrinology came out
with a new set of recommendations. Their most important suggestion? That you
set yourself a target of keeping your HbA1c below 6.5.

How do you achieve this more aggressive goal? By managing your blood sugar
more aggressively day-to-day. One thing that may help is measuring your
blood sugar levels two hours after eating on a regular basis - because these
"postprandial" (after eating) levels have a big impact on your HbA1c. The
new recommendations suggest trying to keep your 2-hour post-meal glucose
below 140 mg/dL. "

The above may work for some but I'd actually starve to death following this
recommendation. To be at 140 mg/dL 2 hours after a meal, one would still
have 1/3 of their basal still working. For me, that means, in order not to
fall below 80, I could only have 0.6 units of residual insulin. That would
allow an original basal of 1.8 units. With my ratio of 17 grams of
carbohydrate per unit of insulin would equal only 30.6 grams of carbohydrate
for the meal. Not much of a meal! Yes, I'm definitely a case of ymmv! I'm
guessing that I'm not the only one either. The higher postprandial numbers
do keep my A1c's higher than I'd like and definitely higher than those who
write about their great results. Yes, they do deserve to feel proud of their
A1c's but it sure makes some of us feel like just giving up. Sorry about
that last comment - I'd never give up because that's not who I am. I may
wish I could get discouraged enough to give up but I'd never offer myself
that luxury. Anyway, for everyone like me, we all know ymmv. . . Donna
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