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RE: [IP] Re: Humalog vs Novalog

I still have a problem with rising sugars long after a big meal- Do those of
you in similar situations prefer the Novalog to the Humalog because it tail
ends longer to cover fatty foods better?
	It isn't the insulin that isn't helping you get your b.g. down after a
large meal or one that has more than usual fats in it...it is the fact that
when you eat larger than normal portions of protein and/or fat, they digest
much slower and therefore, show up in your b.g. many hours later, sometimes
even overnight.
	You need to be doing a dual wave taking the bolus for the carbs you are
immediately eating then try to figure out the fat count and try to do a dual
wave at least over a 3-4 hour period checking b.g. often to see how it
	To get this down pat, you need to be eating the same portion of foods and
fat a few times and keep checking until you get it down right.  Once you've
got it down and you log it, you will know how much to bolus for and how much
to dual wave for and your b.g. should be a lot better.
	We all want to eat a little something extra or special once in a while and
thank God for the pump we can!
	Good luck.
	Kathy B.
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