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RE: [IP] C-Peptide

I had to take the C Peptide test 3x's before I got a magic number that
medicare would accept and that one finally came in at less than .1.  These
go in tenths and my cde would get just as frustrated as I.

The last time I went for the test, I went to a different lab since each lab
has a different protocal and I was told to have my b.g. very low.  They told
me to take a shot (before pumping time) before the test to make sure I was

Well, I was kind of low when I left the house and didn't want to chance a
crash while I was driving to the lab and figured I'd get stuck waiting
there.  Don't you know I got called right in and told the techn. that I had
to take my shot first...and viola, came up with the low number...

medicare will not give you a pump unless you are under .5 which is
ridiculous especially if you've been a type I for all those years but their
rules are their rules and you can't change them!!!

To make a long story short, the lower your b.g., the lower your c peptide
number will be.

Good luck!
	Kathy B.
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