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RE: [IP] Post Meal Dosing

Even a normal person when having glucose tolerance tests, etc. done doesn't
have their b.g. checked until 2 hrs after they eat.

You are correct, in my opinion, to say that if you do a correction bolus in
2 hrs, you will have lows later on.

Humalog has a formula to tell you how much insulin should be left in your
body after each hour but Novalog doesn't.  I have contacted Novo Nordisk and
was told they didn't have one and that I should just keep checking b.g. to
see how much is left.

in my case, there is still insulin working up to and sometimes even longer
than 5 hrs.

I do not do any correction bolus until at least 4 hrs after I last bolused.

Yes, there were studies done that show that if we have higher pp numbers, it
is not a good thing but it is virtually impossible to have normal numbers 2
hrs after you eat unless you are on a consistent low carb diet.

Kathy B.
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