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Re: [IP] RE: paradigm "waterproof"

> Interesting...as a SCUBA diver and underwater photo
> buff I know that you must always dismantle camera
> housings and rinse with fresh water after salt water
> exposure.  This includes making sure that the gaskets
> are cleaned as well. I would think that just rinsing
> the pump would not be enough to get all of the
> corrosive salt crystals out.  I have not used my pump
> in the water yet, but my plan is to take it off.  Of
> course my depth would exceed recommendations anyway.

The reason for the rinse is not really any problem with the seals, 
they are closed cell or solid material and really unaffected by the 
composition of whatever liquid they contact. The problem lies with 
the fact that the pumps (like the cameras) have their sealed 
components opened and closed repeatedly by their users. The engineers 
design the things to work, but the smallest piece of dirt or lint can 
cause the seal to leak "a little" allowing potentially corrosive 
material or "solid" material into the inside or under the seal to 
make matters worse the next time. Camera casings are far more water 
proof than the pumps, even the cheapo disposable waterproof cameras 
can be taken to 15 - 20 feet below the surface.

Face it. Pumps are water resistant. You are crazy if you take a $5000 
piece of equipment into a hostile environment without checking and/or 
replacing the seals on a periodic basis. Think about that. Sure, 
splashing around in a pool or taking a shower is one thing, but if 
you are going into the ocean or are a serious swimmer, your "water 
resistant" pump belongs on dry land.

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