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[IP] We're STILL waiting on our pump :(((

I'm getting rather annoyed... We were told by our Endo on May 1st that we
could go on the pump.. She tells us we need to make up our mind quickly
because June first we were to start our training.. fine.. we sent off for
material to read from Disetronic, Minimed, and Animas.. Well we only got info
from Minimed and Animas.. we started reading through the information, and
looking at all the pros and cons of the two.. Heather took one look at the
Animas and the really cool covers and decided that is what she wanted.. and
after reading all the problems with the paradigms that people have been having
we were really glad that we had chosen the animas.. well I contacted our rep
and he came to our house showed us the pump, gave us a demo and we were really
excited when he left.. I filled out the paper that day and called our endo the
next day to let her know which one we had decided on.. Well our Endo filled
out all paperwork on her end and faxed the stuff to Animas.. and we sat and
waited.. well in the meantime.. i got several emails from Animas telling me
that everything looked great and they'd have the final answer soon (the holdup
is Heather is only covered by medicaid at the moment because her bio dad got
fired from his job in Jan and lost his gov't job at the veterans hospital in
ST louis..) anyway we finally got word that medicaid had approved us (only two
weeks after we applied which we thought was great) and we thought all was in
place.. June 5th rolled around (first day of our training) we still hadn't
received our pump.. but they said to come anyway that they would start our
information.. We show up and the lady says .. we just got word from Animas
that medicaid has requested two months worth of blood sugar readings.. my
mouth hit the ground.. i'm like whoa.. we dont have that much information..
and they told us to get what we could.. so i called over to our endos office
and they ended up faxing us copies of all blood sugar readings we'd called in
for the last 7 months.. well last week we went to training again.. still had
no pump.. they said thats fine.. we'll give you a copy of the manual and the
video on the pump you take it home , read it and next week hopefully you have
the pump.. because this wednesday we are supposed to be starting saline.. well
its now Monday evening.. and I dont think we'll get it again today.. hopefully
tomorrow we'll get it.. i sent another email today to both Animas and our pump
rep.. and hopefully they'll find out the problem and get us some information..
Heather is so looking forward to pumping.. and i'm afraid that she is coming
out of her honeymoon period. .her blood sugars have been sky high this past
week and that is the only thing i can think of that is the problem.. So please
say a prayer for us that Medicaid will say ok.. she can have the pump.. and
that Animas will ship it very very fast lol.. Thanks for listening.. Rochelle
mom to Heather, dxd 11/2/01, Brian (who is 6 1/2 and is very sick right now
with strange rash on his chest, and running a fever and has an ear infection,
and Matthew who is 4 yrs old and fine lol.. wife to Bill in MO
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