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[IP] Re: the 140 and under after meals

> I would love to hear how others have managed to obtain a 140 after meals and
> not crashed. 
> Linda
> pumping 6 1/2 years, with after breakfast numbers always around 200!

Linda, I'm sorry--I was the one who originally sent the Lifescan article.  I
hit the "send" before I added my name or some additional comments.  From
what I have seen for responses, it is a YMMV, but of course I think it is
doable!  Here's what I do. I use Humalog and for me it doesn't do much after
two hours so by then I'm mostly back to basal which also means my blood
sugar better be right about where I want it to be.  I eat a vegetarian, for
the most part, diet, very low in fat, and I really watch what I consume.
Lots and lots of fillers that contain next to no carbohydrates (I LIKE tons
of sugar-free red jello!!) and I exercise daily and go up and down stairs
all the time for the smallest of reasons.   And yes, I test lots and lots
and lots because if I am sliding downhill I can consume some "real"
carbohydrates and perk my blood sugar back up again. A big HOWEVER---I don't
"crash"---I just go "down slowly" so I don't have the worry so many of you
do about blacking out---for some reason that absolutely stopped happening to
me about 30 years ago.  I also had my doctor write my prescrip. for strips
for "test 12-15/times a day,"  and after discussions with the insurance co.
they approved it---yes, very lucky.  Again, it's YMMV but my endo likes
tight control enormously so he is enthusiastic about everything I do.  So,
yes, I relatively easily hit below 120  within 2 hours but I am always
checking so if my blood sugar is up "at all" for a site problem or something
else I know it almost immediately and I'm looking for the reason why. The
blood sugar number is only a "number" so you have to see how "you" feel and
for me---80 or 90 is absolutely great. Yes, a tiny piece of this is almost a
game with me, which is probably good! How else could one approach such
detail?  But the fascinating thing is that I can do "all" this and not a
soul notices--yes, my husband knows but people don't really "care" what
"you" eat or "do" --- not my extended family or friends.  Each to his own.
What I do does not mean that it would work for anyone else or that anyone
else would even "want" to do what I do, but there we are--the ol'

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