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[IP] Re-My first try with Mastisol

Hi Sherry,

>From the info. you provide in your note I suspect that you need to double check your experience. What I understand/interpret from your note is that the tape associated with your infusion sets dislodges from your skin in hot weather - correct? Assuming so, your application of the Mastisol over the 'clear tape' (IV3000??) is inappropriate. You need the Mastisol between the 'clear tape' & your skin. So, swab down the skin for the site with the IV Prep & allow to dry. Then apply (paint) on the Mastisol over the same area (excluding a small circle through which the canula will be inserted). Fan this coating thoroughly. Now apply the 'clear tape' (IV3000 membrane?). Now insert the canula of the infusion set into your body via the prepared site. This site should be very secure regardless of excessive sweating. Of critical importance is the adhesive layer between the 'clear tape' & your skin, not between the 'clear tape' & the adhesive tape around the 'head' of the canula. So, ensure that you thoroughly swab down your skin with IV Prep or rubbing alcohol at the beginning of your site change.

- Leszek Vincent (MM 508 (Tigger), 11/2000)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 08:27:07 -0500
From: Sherry Compton <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] My first try with Mastisol

A few weeks ago I asked you guys for tips about keeping sets on when it is hot and
humid. I was having problems with tape peeling any time I did things outdoors. I was
peeling when I walked from my car to the building I work in!
Friday evening when I changed my set, I tried the new Mastisol that my crappy insurance
people finally approved. They sent me these tiny little ampules that you crush and then
Mastisol soaks a little gauzy tip, kind of like a Q-tip.
I use the SofSets, so here was my original game plan:
I applied IV prep and let it dry a little. Then I put on the clear tape that comes with
the sets. Then I applied Mastisol on top of the clear tape. It didn't seem like I was
putting much on, but I was wrong. My first hint of trouble was when I put the inserter
against my abdomen and it stuck. Then after inserting when I had to use a hand to hold
the wings down while removing the inserter, my hand briefly got stuck to my side. It
also dripped down a little to the waistband of the pajamas I was wearing and I wondered
if I was going to have to dye them and pretend they were skin. Anyway, I did finally
get that all worked out and put the "bumpy" tape over the set. So the set was
sandwiched between clear tape on bottom and bumpy tape on top. I thought that stuff was
like super glue!!  Sadly, by Sunday night I was peeling around the edges again anyway.
When I change tonight I am going to try to "paint" the Mastisol more accurately. It's
hard to see the clear tape on my pale white belly once I apply it!!
If anyone has more tips or ideas, let me know! Should I reverse the tape and put
"bumpy" tape on bottom and clear on top?

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who thinks Mastisol could actually be dangerous if you get all of your limbs stuck
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