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Re: [IP] 140 after meal?

> >I would love to hear how others have managed to obtain a 140 after meals 
> >and not crashed.
> >
> Linda,  I have done it in the past.  In fact, I have managed to keep
> my one and two hour postprandials under 110, but it took a lot of
> work.  I'm nowhere near that now, though every day when I wake up I
> promise myself that I will try...  Anyway, I don't think it's
> possible unless you're willing to eat very low carb. 

What's at issue is the glycemic index of the foods you eat and the 
way the release of glucose from those foods into the blood stream 
matches the insulin activity curve of your bolus. For the "perfect" 
food, bg's would not move at all. A good example is ice-cream. Its 
glucose release for most people pretty well matches the insulin 
activity curve for Humalog or Novolog. If you consume a variety of 
foods where the glycemic index sort of averages out, then acheiving 
2 hour post prandials of 150 or less is really not that difficult. If 
you know you are eating a food that will release early or late 
because it has a high or low glycemic index then a pre-bolus or late 
bolus can be done to compensate.

If you picture in your mind the "shape" of your bg curve due to a 
particular food and the "shape" of the insulin release curve, then 
the objective is to superimpose these two curves on top of each other 
to get the best possible post-prandial bg's.

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