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[IP] Virus Warning

I've received several viruses here lately.  Fortunately Norton catches all of 
them.  But this one actually came through just this morning and it's title 
was simply insulin pumpers with no addy attached to it at all.  I download 
everything to a 3.5 disk, not my hard drive so when this email could not be 
extracted  (unsippied) at the end of my mail session I was wondering what was 
up.  I opened up my dish drive and there was about 8 files attached to this 
one email I scanned each one idividually and on one of the zip files was the 
virus.  I did NOT open any of the files.  But I thought you should know it is 
labels Xfgb and it is titled insulin pumpers, so these guys are getting 
really savvy in what they are doing.  They are watching you and know what 
groups you are in and are trying to get you that way!  Do NOT open this if it 
only says insulin pumpers with no attached address.

mom to Joshua
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