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[IP] My first try with Mastisol

A few weeks ago I asked you guys for tips about keeping sets on when it is hot and
humid. I was having problems with tape peeling any time I did things outdoors. I was
peeling when I walked from my car to the building I work in!
Friday evening when I changed my set, I tried the new Mastisol that my crappy insurance
people finally approved. They sent me these tiny little ampules that you crush and then
Mastisol soaks a little gauzy tip, kind of like a Q-tip.
I use the SofSets, so here was my original game plan:
I applied IV prep and let it dry a little. Then I put on the clear tape that comes with
the sets. Then I applied Mastisol on top of the clear tape. It didn't seem like I was
putting much on, but I was wrong. My first hint of trouble was when I put the inserter
against my abdomen and it stuck. Then after inserting when I had to use a hand to hold
the wings down while removing the inserter, my hand briefly got stuck to my side. It
also dripped down a little to the waistband of the pajamas I was wearing and I wondered
if I was going to have to dye them and pretend they were skin. Anyway, I did finally
get that all worked out and put the "bumpy" tape over the set. So the set was
sandwiched between clear tape on bottom and bumpy tape on top. I thought that stuff was
like super glue!!  Sadly, by Sunday night I was peeling around the edges again anyway.
When I change tonight I am going to try to "paint" the Mastisol more accurately. It's
hard to see the clear tape on my pale white belly once I apply it!!
If anyone has more tips or ideas, let me know! Should I reverse the tape and put
"bumpy" tape on bottom and clear on top?

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
Who thinks Mastisol could actually be dangerous if you get all of your limbs stuck
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