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RE: [IP] Post Meal Dosing

>>Ok, I'm really confused, Can someone please explain this?

I read a great chapter in the Insulin Pumping book which explained how much
insulin was still in play at 1, 2, 3, and 4 hours after injection (Humalog
or Novolog).  When I check my 1 hour, I: 1)calculate how much of a bolus I
*would* take to correct the *hi* and then 2) using the 30% formula,
calculate how much I still have left of my initial bolus.  I subtract 2 from
1 and that is what I bolus (if any).

For example:  If I bolused 6u and my 1 hr was 200.  My target is 100, and my
ratio is 1:30.  200 would normally be a correction bolus of <3.3>.  So a =
3.3  Then I use the 30% rule (insulin is used at about 30% per hour).  My
meal bolus was 6u and 30% of that is <1.8>.  So only 1.8u of the original 6
has been used, and 4.2 is left to be used, so b = <4.2>  I subtract b from
a.  <3.3 - 4.2 = -0.9>  This tells me my blood sugar will drop lower than my
target (<100) within three hours.  At this point, I wouldn't take anymore
insulin, but I would remember what made my sugar spike to 200 and avoid it,
or bolus early for that food.

My endo says not to bolus for 200 at the 1 or 2 hour mark, but bolus at the
3 hr mark if it is that high.

YMMV, but be careful of those overlapping tails.

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