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[IP] Re: The Paradigm

> hen they said that maybe the battery was closed to tightly or too
> loosely and maybe the resevoir was closed to loosely.

How could the battery cap being closed too *tightly* cause a leak?  That
is scary, as you said.  I always re-screw the battery cap until it won't
go any farther (because I want to make sure it's not too loose!)  It
sometimes takes a little effort to unscrew it when I go to change the
battery again.  I suppose I could be fastening it "too tightly", but I
certainly didn't see any warnings in the user's manual about making sure
it's NOT fastened "too tightly".

As for the reservoir, I'd think it would be immediately obvious if that
was loose.  You can tell by looking at it whether it's locked into place
or not.

Anyway, I hope you get some answers from them.  Keep us updated.

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