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[IP] Recent travel thru airport

My husband and I flew to St. Louis for a business trip this weekend.  

I wore a long cotton summer dress so I had my pump clipped to the waistband 
of my panties on our flight leaving.  I made it thru security with all my 
extra supplies (2 infusion sets, 2 resevoirs, 4 needles, Humalog and meter).  
Noone checked my carryon but they did make me take off my shows (sandals) to 
inspect them.

On the way home, I had on a pair of cargo type shorts with my pump in the 
side pocket.  I went thru the security and they asked me if I was a diabetic 
and asked if my pump was an insulin pump.  No other questions, while my 
husband is about 3 people behind me with his arms stretched out and his belt 
undone and them checking his entire body for whatever it is they look for.  
They even ran the detector over my daughter who is 3 and she thought it was 
all a big tickle game.  They also searched her Winnie the Pooh backpack - not 
sure what they would have found in it except for her snacks and her coloring 
books and crayons.

I was amazed I had NO problems.  It seems like everyone around me had their 
bags checks by security and I got right thru. 

I did nothing to conceal my supplies in my bag.  I had then in a large 
Ziplock baggie and everything was clearly marked is there ever was a question 
about the contents of the bag.

This is just to let everyone know that it was a breeze to travel!!!  I was 
actually excited about the flight once I got past security.  

So everyone go ahead and travel and be proud that you are a pumper!!!!

pumping 1 year!!!!!!!!!
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