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[IP] Infusion Set Question

Hi Everyone!

   Thank you all for your support and all the good information I receive from 
this list.  

    I received my Mini-Med 508 pump and supplies last Tuesday, my pump 
trainer is coming this Tuesday for the NS run, and my pump start date is 
Monday, 6-24!  (Hey George!)  

   Anyway, my question is, those of you who use the Quick Sets, why do you 
prefer them?  My Diabetes Teaching Nurse ordered them for me because she 
thought I would like them the best, but Mini-Med sent me a couple of samples 
of the Soft-Set, and a Silhouette, and The instruction video shows the Sof- 
Set, where you disconnect from the tubing, rather than right at the infusion 
site, and they look like they would be easier to disconnect.  Are they, or 
are the Quick-Sets just as easy?   What are the differences between the two?  
Also, the Sof-Set  looks like it takes up less space around the site than the 
Quick-Set, does it?  The Silhouette looks like it's inserted from the side, 
rather than straight up-and-down, and it also has a few inches of tubing 
before it disconnects.  Why do some people prefer those?

   Thank you so much,

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