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[IP] Re: An *ignorant* T-1

<<This reminded me of my now-former endo saying, so what if you're 200, 
not going to do anything about it anyway. She believes she's not to do
anything about it.>>

     Claire's bgs were going to 300-400 almost every afternoon when she was 4 
years old.  No amount of NPH would change this, but the increased amounts of 
NPH caused lows at 2 a.m.  I wanted to add another shot of Regular, but the 
doctor said no, didn't like it that she already had 3 shots a day.   He said 
"its only for a few hours of the day, don't worry about it"!!  Well I did 
worry about it, and also going from 70 to 400 and back again in a few hours 
made Claire feel awful.  I found out about pumps myself--same set of doctors 
said a pump wouldn't help control.  (Latest HA1C was 7.1)
     Just goes to show, you can't believe all doctors.

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8 
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