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Re: [IP] Post Meal Dosing


I can only explain what I do, and I don't know if others would agree, but 
here goes:  I am kind of new on the pump and I've been trying to figure out 
how much insulin I need for different foods (the carb ratio thing just 
doesn't work for me for different kinds of carbs).  I want to have my one 
and two hour post meal blood sugars to be as close to (or below) 120 as 
possible, so I do a lot of experimenting with foods.  So, I test at one hour 
and at two hours after eating.  If my one hour number is high, I will 
increase the amount of insulin in the normal bolus the next time I eat that 
food.  And if it's over about 160, I'll correct as if I were trying to get 
it down to 150, rather than my usual target of 100.  If the one hour number 
is fine, but the two hour number is high, I will correct with a target of 
100 and do a dual wave next time with the same amount that I used in the 
normal part of the bolus and a guess at what I need to combat the two hour 
blood sugar rise.  Obviously, the first few times you correct for a one hour 
blood sugar, you should probably test your blood sugar again later to make 
sure you haven't overshot the mark.  The more data you have, the better job 
you'll be able to do next time.


>[IP] Post Meal Dosing
>Ok, I'm really confused, Can someone please explain this?
>Ever since I was diagnosed 21 yrs ago, I was told not to check my blood 
>for at least 2 hrs after consuming a meal.  I was told that the process you
>body and the insulin has to go through, takes that 2 hrs (maybe more, if, 
>have eaten a high fat meal, a slower digesting meal or have slow digestion
>problems), If you check earlier than that, that you would get incorrect
>readings because the insulin hasn't had time to get your sugars back to a
>normal level. I have gone by that for all these yrs, including now that I'm 
>the pump!
>Here's where I'm confused, I have a web community for pumpers and a few of 
>members have said that their Endo has them checking after 45 min to 1 hr 
>making corrections at that time, because there are new findings out that 
>that higher post meal sugars cause damage, these particle members are 
>to keep the post meal rise after 1 hr, to under 160.
>My question is, if it takes the insulin 2 + hrs to "handle" a meal, then it 
>still "working" at 45 min to 1 hr.  If you make a correct at that time, 
>the insulin hasn't finished working yet, won't you have a lot of lows, mild 
>severe, their still lows, isn't this a bad thing?  If this is the "new" way 
>do things, then how do you know how much of a correction to make to lower 
>sugars, but, avoid the lows, when you still have "working" insulin in your
>If anyone can logically explain this new way of thinking, it would be
>Tina Robertson
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