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[IP] Re: Paradigm Resevoir

I was wondering about something I was told by the Medtronic customer service 
department.  I was told that it was not advisable to leave in the canula if I 
were going to change the reservoir.  But the quick set allows you to 
disconnect from the resevoir for showers etc.....  So if I reconnect to the 
old resevoir, or to a new one, how is my existing canula going to know the 
difference?  If Medtronics would make a replacement reservoir, or come up 
with a way to refill an existing resevoir, it would make it easier to have 
longer lasting sites for those of us who use larger amounts of insulin.  
Right now, I'm changing infusion sites about every 38-42 hours- I could just 
refill the existing resevoir, but I'd rather just use a new one for the 
obvious reasons-

Bryon Veal
email @ redacted  
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