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[IP] Paradigm

I don't always check out the post so if the has already been addressed then I
will apologize now.  What's all the hype about training and taking classes for
the Paradigm.  This is my second go around on a pump (previously 15 years ago
and most recently 1 1/2 years ago).  I was taught by my endo and his/her
staff.  In fact, Minimed sent a representative to my house and did the
training the first time.  The second time, there wasn't any training because I
already knew all of the ins and outs of pumping.  I don't understand what
could be so much more difficult with the Paradigm that it requires a special
"class".   And, I think if Minimed wants to sell the Paridigm they have to
make it more accessible.  Having to travel 100 plus miles, in my opinion is
not accessible.  There are so many pump companies out there, you would think
that Minimed would make things easier.  (OK, sorry about that, just had to get
it off my chest.)  Personally, I will stick with my 508 as it has been good to
me.  Also, I understand that the Paradigm only holds 167 units of insulin and
I love the fact that I can fill my reservoir with 300 units and not change for
almost a week.  Call me lazy, but for me it's great.  Like Mom always said,
"if it ain't broke don't fix it"!  Regards, Tina
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