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Re: [IP] IP] Re: Paradigm screen, battery and clip questions

> > One other thing I have heard is that there is no clip on the Paradigm. 
> > this is true, how does it stay on? If the clip is a part of the case, 
> > does the case hold up in the water?
> >
> >You know, my user's manual says the Paradigm comes with a clip, but I'm
> >almost positive I didn't receive one when I got my pump. (it did come
> >with both a holster and a leather case, but the manual described the
> >clip as separate from the holster).
>There was a clip originally, but none of us got one.  The MM employees who 
>Beta Tested the
>Paradigm kept breaking them.  The design was flawed.  So there is no clip.
>The Holster is plastic, so that would be what to wear in the water.
>I have called customer service and expressed my hopes that they would come 
>up with a new one
>quickly.  They said they would pass on my comment.  PLEASE, if you have a 
>Paradigm, call MM and
>request a clip.  If enough of us call, maybe they will up the priority of 
>re-designing it.

This may be a dumb Q, but how would a clip be different from the holster?  
Before reading this I always thought of my "holster" as a "clip."  Would a 
clip be smaller?


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