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[IP] An *ignorant* T-1

We're having a garage sale this weekend. Two ladies came and saw my list of
*food and snacks*. One lady said she'd have a Diet Coke and a Little Debbie
twin-pack brownie. She also said what a combination for a diabetic. I asked
if she was T-2? She said yes, but the other one was Type 1 and mentioned
something about glucophage. So, I asked the T-1-er if she was on insulin
(duh, if T-1, yes - but I was curious to hear the answer). She said yes, one
shot a day of Lantus. I said, for a T-1 that's not enough to cover meals.
She said, well I take a shot of 5u Humalog if I'm over 200 before a meal, if
over 300 it's 10u. I said do you test after the meals? She said she did. I
asked if she knew her A1c. She said her dr. says she's okay - and she let me
know she's doing very well as she's never been in the hosp. and has had DM
over 30 years - same doc all along, who is an internist.

She also said both brothers have DM and one is in the hosp. as we speak
getting double amputations, and the other bro already has his legs off.

This reminded me of my now-former endo saying, so what if you're 200, you're
not going to do anything about it anyway. She believes she's not to do
anything about it.

This makes me soooooo sad!!!! YMMV (~_^)

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