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[IP] Infection question

My sister recently went on an Animas pump (back in July last year).  She 
currently has an infection in her small toe.  She said she'd gotten a 
blister and it didn't heal properly, turned into an ulcer and went downhill 
from there.  She's been told by the surgeon that she should have the toe 
removed, her orthopedic doctor says she should wait.  She's concerned that 
since she has difficulty with healing on her feet, if she has the toe 
removed, how could she be sure that the incision from the surgery would 
heal properly?  She's getting a bit worried that she might end up losing 
her whole foot.  She told me her last A1c was in the 5's which is the best 
she's ever had and she says that her control and her life has improved so 
much since she's gone on the pump.  Is there a possibility that her 
circulation or healing problems with her feet might improve now that she's 
got much better control?  She doesn't want to lose her foot and she's not 
sure what she should do about the infection in her toe.  She did do IV 
antibiotics for it already.  Thanks.

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