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Re: [IP] C-Peptide

> Does anyone know what the C-Peptide measures.  I am waiting for
> approval for the pump and was told my C-Peptide was .06 and that it
> needed to be below .05, but because I have been a type 1 for 38
> years, there probably would not be a problem.  Also, before I had
> this test done, my doctor's office told me to not take my humalog
> and eat a huge carb meal to get my BG up very high.  Needless to
> say, my BG was over 450.  So...does anyone understand what this all
> means?

C-Peptide is produced by the pancreas along with insulin. Presumably 
if you're T1 with no beta cells, you don't produce it. The test for 
this is notably "flaky". The same test performed by different labs 
and even the same lab at a different time will yield different 

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