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[IP] Re: Not choosing a D-Tron Reasons

At 10:50 AM 6/14/02, you wrote:
>Thanks! Great info. I'm surprised to see so few D-tron users. Do folks have
>a reasons why they didn't choose D-tron? (I have no vested interest other
>than I use one...)

I had the opportunity to trade up to the D-Tron from my H-Tron Plus.  I 
chose not to because I didn't like the size/appearance of the D-Tron, I 
thought it was more confusing to use, and I decided to keep my 2-pump deal 
rather than switch to just one pump.  I'm not knocking the D-Tron, I know a 
lot of people who have them and like them, but I'm just giving my reasons 
as to why I stayed with my H-Tron Plus.

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