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[IP] Re: Dislodged infusion cap on Paradigm

Keith, I am a very active individual who does everything from mountain bike
to skydive. I have banged the Paradigm more than once while doing such
activities and have never found the cap to be dislodged. When you lock the
cap onto the vial and then snap it into the pump itself, you get a pretty
good idea that it is secure. I am sure that it could happen if one was to
knock the pump just the right way, but it would be pretty difficult to do.
Mike Chambers

From: "Grimes, Keith" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Dislodged infusion cap on Paradigm

Hello Pumpers,

Another question from the guy still trying to choose between the R1000 and
the Paradigm.

Has anyone experienced the problem described on DiabetesNet regarding a
dislodged infusion cap? The problem is that if you dislodge the cap, you
will not receive any insulin - nor will you receive any warnings. So you
think you're getting that 7u bolus, but because the cap is dislodged,
not getting anything. Then, when you discover the cap is loose, if you
retighten it, you'll immediately get that 7u in a split second (and I'm
assuming you'll also receive any basals you missed as well). The infusion
cap does "lock" into place, but apparently it's not a true lock.

Now, is this just a tempest-in-a-teacup type of problem, or has anyone
actually experienced this? Should this make me really nervous, or do you
have to jump through all sorts of gyrations to dislodge this cap? I'd
like to hear your experiences.

I did call MiniMed support regarding this issue. In a nutshell, her
was that MiniMed's policy is if you experience two unexplained high BGs,
disconnect and change out the set. I'm not sure how to feel about this

I suppose, having never pumped before, that I could get in the habit of
always checking the tightness of the cap, but do I want to do this? Should
have to do this?

Any responses are really appreciated.

Keith G.
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