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Re: [IP] Re: Paradigm screen, battery and clip questions

My understanding was that there was some defect or other problem with the 
clip, and that they are shipping the pumps without the clips. I did not 
receive a clip with my Pardigm in May.

>You know, my user's manual says the Paradigm comes with a clip, but I'm
>almost positive I didn't receive one when I got my pump. (it did come
>with both a holster and a leather case, but the manual described the
>clip as separate from the holster).  Now, I admit that I was a bit like
>a kid at Christmas when my pump arrived, and I can't totally rule out
>the possibility that it could have gotten lost (or even accidentally
>thrown away) in the process of opening up all my "new toys", but I've
>looked everywhere and I don't seem to have one.  I usually use the
>holster, which works fine, but I suppose a clip that fit directly on the
>pump would be less bulky.
>I'm a little embarrassed to ask this, but did other Paradigm users get
>clips with their pumps?  If so, maybe  when I re-order supplies I'll ask

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