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Re: [IP] Steroids & Diabetes

>Hi, I am on my 3rd day of taking a 6 day Medrol dosepack. I am taking it 
>for Lupus and CNS Vasculitis. I am up to about a 100 units per day!!! I 
>increased my basals slightly and am testing every 2 hours. Just adjusting 
>for my SF,at those times. My highest BG has been 180, which is extremely 
>high for me. I run 100-120 consistantly. Am I doing the right thing 
>adjusting for Highs, and anyone know how long the highs will last after 
>the 6th day? I know YMMV, but how bout guestimates? thanks Lisa & my 
>Nimbus 2000

I took was prescribed a medpack when I got severe hives.  I had to raise 
all my basals .3 while taking the meds.  I crashed about 2 weeks after the 
last dose and knew it was time to lower them back down.  This, I think, is 
definitely a YMMV, but that's what happened for me.  I would just advise 
keeping a close watch of your bgs during and after you're done with the 
last dose.

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