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Re: [IP] H-tron batteries

At 12:38 PM 6/13/02, you wrote:
>OK Folks,  I guess I'm pretty stupid here, but what is this Vartas and Renata
>names coming from.  We have a bunch of Dis H-Tron batteries and there is no
>such name on any of them.  Am I missing something here?   Is someone could be
>so kind as to explain what the difference is or how I would find out which
>type of batterie we have, that would be greatly appreciated.  I just feel
>like I'm missing out on something....or feeling pretty dumb!!!
>mom to Jshua


If you take the battery pack apart, you can look on the individual 
batteries for the name on them.  They're a little tricky to take apart, and 
I would advise you wait until you have a dead battery pack and take it 
apart to see what kind of batteries are in it.

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