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[IP] Quick Set site problems

I have used the quick sets for quite awhile now, and love them.  I
always used them in my stomach, below my underwear line.  However, when
I was 3 months pregnant I kept getting no delivery alarms and had to
switch to my hips.  I had my daughter in March but continued using hip
sites because I preferred them.  I am concerned that I'm over-using
these sites, so I tried my stomach again.  BUT I am still getting the no
delivery alarms!  The first time I don't know what the problem was, the
second time, the cannula was badly bent.  My stomach has more "flab" to
it after the baby.  (But I am not overweight)  Will I be able to use my
stomach for sites now, or will all the "extra layers of fat" keep
bending the cannula?  I don't know what to think.  BTW, these problems
started before I had any pregnancy weight on my stomach.  I just don't
understand it!  Any thoughts or suggestions?

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