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[IP] FW: NNF - The Glycemic Index Again

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June 14, 2002
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Today's Topic: The Glycemic Index Again

The glycemic index recently celebrated its 20th birthday.  It was
proposed as a way of classifying carbohydrate-rich foods based on what
happened to your blood sugar over a period of a few hours following
consumption of a standard amount of carbohydrate.  Although hundreds
of scientific articles have studied it and many popular books have
espoused it, the practical significance is still debatable.

Some scientists believe the glycemic index is a valuable tool for
planning diets, while others believe it has no practicality other than
as a research instrument.  A review of the subject appeared in the
May 8, 2002 edition of the Journal of the American Medical
Association.  The review was written by an enthusiastic supporter of
the glycemic index.
< http://jama.ama-assn.org/issues/v287n18/abs/jsc10297.html >

HERE'S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: There have been no
long-term studies of glycemic index and weight loss, despite the fad
diet books advocating it.  The glycemic index is not accepted by the
American Diabetes Association, and diabetics are the group that, in
theory, would benefit most from using it.  It is important to realize
that the glycemic index was developed as a research tool to compare
individual carbohydrate-rich foods.  Eating two slices of white bread
in the morning and a slice of cheese at noon gives a very different
glycemic index from eating these as a cheese sandwich.

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