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Dear IP List Members,

It really warms my heart to see people extend their hearts and supplies to 
Sophia and Rosalie. I did not know what to expect when I posted the thread 
about their dire situation and asking, ok almost begging, for donations of 
diabetes and pump care supplies.  Every little bit makes such a huge 
difference to these little girls!

Not only are the insulin pump supplies appreciated greatly, the cards, 
prayers and thoughts of kindness are also so special at a time like this.

I know first hand how hard it can be surviving the disease, not to mention 
the financial aspect of it. I am grateful that I had people... physicians, 
friends, CDE....along the way to offer support.

I visited with the girls and the mother last night.  They are devastated as 
they have every right to be, but still look at themselves as fortunate.  I 
noticed that Rosalie had no pump case on her pump and I asked why.  She said 
"Because Sophia's was ripped when we were getting out of the house and I 
gave her mine so it would protect her pump."

It is so ironic that in a simplistic way, a child can capture what most 
adults should be doing....thinking of others.

So many people have gave to others in this situation.  You truly do not 
realize what this meand to the girls and the mother.  My faith in people has 
been restored after seeing the actions of so many from this board.

I want to extend a tremendous thank you to EVERYONE from the IP list.  If 
you donated or are thinking about donating supplies, if you simply voiced 
your sympathy and concern or if you said an extra pray for the girls.  Your 
actions are greatly appreciated and will truly never be forgotten!

I am still receiving e-mails from list members...thank you!  I never 
expected this.

Again, how wonderful.  I will ikeep everyone updated.

Bless you all,


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