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[IP] Paradigm upgrade - why do they make this exchange stuff so difficult?

Here's what I've heard over the last year:

1) 3 box max on replacement.
2) 2 box max on replacement.
3) 1 box max on replacement.
4) Replace everything.
5) Replace nothing.
6) Latest: Replace unopened 30 days worth - where 30 days worth is

So, how does Medtronic determine if a box of pump supplies is '30 days
old'?  Lot number?  All of my boxes have various expiration months
listed in 2005 or 2006.

I have 8 boxes, each box goes for (gack!!!) $130 dollars.  What do they
expect me to do with $1040 worth of pump supplies + $300 in reservoirs?

Could someone who has some connections at Minimed/Medtronic get quotable
answers on this?  It would be much appreciated.

This exchange fiasco, and relevations of a 6 hour warning for battery
replacement are really making me rethink the Paradigm exchange in
particular, and Medtronic in general.

I haven't had a negative thing to say for 5 years about Minimed until
now.  This is all really too bad for them - I'll just switch to a
different pump in a few years and they'll never see me again as a
customer.  However, I'll give them every opportunity to make things
right with me.

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