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[IP] Getting annoyed with MiniMed...

I'll just pretend for a minute that all the promises and delays with the
next step program don't matter... but I just got off the phone with the
supplies department, and I can't even order supplies until A WEEK before my
training session is scheduled, because I messed up and waited until I was
almost out of supplies to order last time, which was around the middle of
April.. I'm pretty ticked off at that, even though it's probably got more to
do with my insurance than MiniMed, but that's so stupid that I have to wait
until "the last minute" to order supplies before my training session... I
will literally only be able to place my order the Monday before my
training.. I sure hope they can ship faster this time than they did last
time or I will be empty handed for training.  This also means that I will
end up with somewhat of a surplus of supples for the 508, and I'm outside
their "30-day" return policy, so I guess I can donate them to someone who
needs them after I get the Paradigm.

Second, I finally got around to trying out the remote, and not two days
after I put it on my keychain, it fell off and I lost it.. so I call them up
to get a replacement, since the materials they mailed stated that the pump
along with the remote must be returned at the training session, and they
told me it would cost me $100 for a new remote!!  I only have $170 to my
name to last me until the end of the month, and I told them I'm not shelling
out $100 to replace a remote I don't plan on using again because it's too
easy to lose.. so I was put on hold for about 5 minutes and was finally told
that it would be ok not to have the remote when I go for training, since I'm
probably not the only one who will be missing theirs.. I just hope that
wasn't one of those "we'll tell you what you want to hear" answers, and I go
to my training session (which I will have to drive 3 hours to get to so I
don't have to wait an extra 2 months for training here) and I end up being
disqualified anyways because of that stupid remote.

Sorry, I'm just a little bothered by all of this :-(

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