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[IP] tattoos

Lisette wrote:
So has anyone with tattoos on there lower body seen
any difference within healing time of there tattoo's
on lower body parts to the ones on  there upper body

Hi Lisette and everyone!
I'm the one with the medic alert tattoo.  Anyway, I
also have a tattoo on my ankle.  I was not told any
different about the healing process or complications
of getting a tattoo in this area.  But, to be
honest... of the 4 tattoos that I have, my medic alert
took the longest to heal.  It's possible it was the
time of year, or the location.  The only thing my
artist told me was that they do not guarantee color of
the tattoo becuase of it's location on the ankle...
and also those below such as on the foot or toes. 
Apparently this is becuz of sweating and the ink.

Who knows... hopes this helps.  
Worse comes to worse... if you get an infection call
your primary doc and get some antibiotics to help
clear it up.  no big deal  :o)

dx'd 5/1985
pumping D-tron 7/2001

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