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Re: [IP] Continuous glucose monitoring

The CGMS is a GREAT tool! I even had to wear the da-- thing twice since it malfunctioned the first time. As others have written do keep really good records. It identified that my overnight basals were too high early and too low later as well as the morning. There were VERY distinct patterns that my doc picked up - in fact he was quite amusing - like a little kid with a new toy. 

The only down side is I got busted eating at my favorite chinese buffet. I thought I had eaten very healthiliy but I had a really high BG - and it turns out it had gone higher. So it's now out of my rotation of restaurants. We used to go to one in Vegas that was small and I had the bolus down pat for it - but this other one is just too good - too many choices - so that was a bummer. So beware - it is even MORE of a tattle tale than your a1c.

It also really made me think - if I wanted to grab "just a little something" - even if bolusing for it - I was kept on the straight and narrow cuz I knew I had to WRITE everything down and program my action into the device.

So good luck - hope your results are as good as mine.

Linda & Dax
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