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[IP] Vote on SCNT Imminent

----- Forwarded by Janet L Lane/EastCoast/Mobil-Notes on 06/13/02 12:20 PM
                    "Coalition for                                                                                
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                    of Medical           cc:                                                                      
                    Research"            Subject:     Vote on SCNT Imminent                                       
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                    06/13/02 11:46                                                                                
                    Please respond                                                                                
                    to "Coalition                                                                                 
                    for the                                                                                       
                    Advancement of                                                                                

                           Urgent!  Action Alert

                        IMMINENT VOTE IN THE SENATE
                          CALL/FAX YOUR SENATORS

                Brownback Is Proposing a 2-Year Moratorium
                             MORATORIUM = BAN

                  Please Take a Few Minutes to Visit the
         Coalition for the Advancement of Medical Research Website
                       and Take Action In Support of
               Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer Research (SCNT)

Your hard work has paid off.  Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) is considering
changing his bill to propose a two-year moratorium.  While this may sound
like a compromise to many Senators, it is a thinly veiled attempt at
banning this important research.  ALL Senators need to hear from YOU that a
moratorium is equal to a ban.

We hear the vote is imminent.  The debate may begin next week.  More than
ever, we need you to contact your Senators to let them know that SCNT is
vital to stem cell research and must NOT be criminalized.  Tell your
Senators to vote "Yes" on S. 2439, vote "No" on S. 1899, and vote "No" on a
moratorium.  Talking points and background information are available on the
CAMR Website (www.camradvocacy.org).

   1.      A moratorium isn't necessary. SCNT/human therapeutic cloning
     research has been studied and endorsed by the National Academy of

   2.      A moratorium is a thinly veiled attempt at banning important
     research outright.  Proponents of a moratorium know how difficult it
     is to lift one ? that is why they are proposing it.

   3.      A moratorium would mean that important medical breakthroughs are
     put on hold indefinitely.  People suffering from disease are told they
     will just have to wait for their cures.  Many of these patients do not
     have time to wait and a research delay could be a death sentence.

   4.      A moratorium sends a strong signal to the scientific community
     that SCNT/human therapeutic cloning should not be pursued.  Further,
     it stigmatizes this research as suspect.  Researchers will be
     unwilling to pursue this important area of science because of the
     stigma as well as the uncertainty about whether it will ever become an
     accepted form of research.

   5.      Shutting down research today and restarting it when a moratorium
     is lifted is illogical. It makes no sense to impose a moratorium that
     forces patients with diseases to wait two years before researchers can
     get started on potential cures and treatments. A moratorium will hold
     back science much longer than two years.

   6.      With a moratorium, SCNT research will continue in other
     countries while disallowed in the United States ? the effects of this
     will be:

          7        Scientists may leave this country to perform research

          7        Americans will not have first access to the newest, and
          potentially best, treatments because new products will be
          developed in other countries.

          7        The U.S. will surrender its ability to lead the world
          not only in research, but to set the ethical and regulatory
          standards about how this research should be conducted.

   7.      Senators Arlen Specter (R-PA), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Orrin
     Hatch (R-UT), and Edward Kennedy (D-MA) have joined together to
     sponsor S. 2439, the "Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2002."  The act
     would ban reproductive cloning to create children, but permit
     privately funded research involving somatic cell nuclear transfer
     (SCNT), sometimes called therapeutic cloning.  This legislation is
     widely supported among scientific, medical, and patient groups.

   8.      Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA)
     have sponsored S. 1899, a bill by that would ban all cloning including
     SCNT; put researchers in prison; and deny patients the benefit of any
     therapies developed from therapeutic cloning outside the United


Take Action!  There are two steps:

   1.      Call or fax a letter to your Senators in support of SCNT.  Tell
     your Senators a moratorium is equal to a ban on important, life-saving

   2.      Write a letter to the editor of your local or regional newspaper
     (see CAMR Website, www.camradvocacy.org).

                   Make your support of SCNT known!!!!!
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