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> I read your post and I too am suffering from the same itchiness and
> irritations from the pump site. I am miserable with this. My endo
> suggested using phisoderm it just seems to dry my skin out and makes the
> itching even more intolerable! I use the minimed 508 with sofsets and
> humalog insulin, I was on humalog before I started pumping too,

> Can you
> have the sensitivity to humalog even if you used this insulin prior to
> pumping????

Yes, however itchy sites are more likely to be cause by allergies to 
either the prep materials or the adhesive on tape or set. You can do 
the same thing a dermatologist would do, make one inch squares of ALL 
of the various prep, tape, set materials and put them on your back or 
belly. Wait a few days and check the results.

Here's a comprehensive list of materials (not sets though)

Products: most are available at either ostomy supply 
houses (look in the yellow pages under Medical Supplies), your 
pharmacy, or major mail order diabetes supply house and pump mfgs.
Amerisource 877-327-4677 will tell you what pharmacy in your area will
order the product for you. or Edge Park Surgical 800-321-0591 Briggs

Gorilla Snot type adhesives: try these suppliers
Mastisol - available as pads and liquid -- buy the liquid, it is
expensive, but a single bottle will last up to a year or more made by
Ferndale Laboratories, Inc, Ferndale, Michigan. 1-888-548-0900 is
their toll free number
Tincture of Benzoin -- spray and liquid  by York Pharmacal 
Brookfield, MO 64628. Used by athletes to keep tape wraps on sweaty
legs, feet, etc.... available at many pharmacies
Hollister 7730 spray adhesive
Skin-Bond (Smith & Nephew)
Cavilon Cream made by 3M (1-800-2283957) product
number is 3392 Durable Barrier Cream.

Adhesive removers:
Unisolve -- Smith & Nephew
De-solv-it -- www.orange-sol.com 1-800-877-7771.
   also available at Walmart an Kroger stores in cleaning section
AllKare - Adhesive Remover Wipe NDC 0003-0374-43  order no. 37443
Wal-Mart's  "Goo Gone" a bottle is less than $5

plain old baby oil, 
fingernail polish remover (acetone with oil added)

Barrier wipes:
AllKare Protective Barrier -- Convatec NDC 0003-0374-44   order no.
37444 IV-Prep -- Smith & Nephew

Bard Protective Barrier  Film, -- liquid and wipes
Catalog # 740013
made by  C.R. Bard Inc.
Murray Hill NJ 07974

Tapes and tape patches:
Hypafix like a cotton bandaid
3m Micropore
Kendall Polyskin II
Smith & Nephew "Opsite #4575"
various paper tapes available at pharmacies

If I've missed on you know about, send it to me and I will add it to 
the list for those who need this info in the future

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