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[IP] New Infusion Set


SpectRx, Inc. to Unveil SimpleChoice(tm) easy Insulin Infusion Set at the
American Diabetes Association Meeting

    NORCROSS, GA (June 13, 2002) - SpectRx, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPRX) today
announced it will unveil its SimpleChoice(tm) easy disposable infusion set
at the American Diabetes Association meeting beginning June 14, in San
Francisco, Booth #935. The SimpleChoice(tm) easy will be the only
alternative insulin pump disposable infusion set FDA cleared for use with
major makes and brands of insulin pumps.  The product will address a U.S.
insulin pump infusion set disposable market estimated at $200 million
annually and growing approximately 25 percent per year.

    "For the first time, users of the three major brands of insulin pumps
will have a choice of infusion sets and will not have to rely on products
developed by manufacturers whose primary focus is on the pump," said Vice
President of SimpleChoice Products Kevin Lilly.  "SpectRx and SimpleChoice
recognize that the infusion sets are the most personal aspect of the pump
experience and we are introducing products designed to provide pump users
with convenient and comfortable options."
   The SimpleChoice(tm) easy includes a number of features designed to
improve the pump wearer's experience including:
* FeatherEdge(tm) introducer needle and SoftWear(tm) cannula for insertion
* SlimLine(tm) contoured hub designed for discreet wearing
* SmartTubing(tm) delivery system engineered to reduce kinking and bulkiness
* SureClick(tm) connection system for stable connect and disconnect at the

    In addition to the SimpleChoice(tm) easy, SpectRx previously received
FDA clearance for an innovative insulin pump infusion patch set, soft
catheter insulin pump infusion sets, an insulin pump reservoir and a
multi-purpose insulin pen.  SpectRx also has additional proprietary insulin
delivery products under development, all designed to improve the quality of
life for people with diabetes who use insulin, and to provide a wide variety
of lifestyle choices in personal infusion products.

Insulin infusion sets, when attached to external pumps, provide a steady
stream of insulin for people with diabetes, helping them to better control
their disease.  The disposable infusion sets are changed about every three
days.  This is a growing market, with about 160,000 people with diabetes
using insulin pumps in the U.S in 2001.  That number is expected to increase
to about 225,000 in 2002.
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