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Re: [IP] Paradigm upgrade

Hi John,
<My concern with the batteries is the 6 hours from
warning to when it goes dead and loses its memory.  Is it really 6 hours?
What happens if you sleep in? >  
I don't know if you really only have 6 hours to change the battery, but the same thing would be
true for your 508.  I was at a meeting where someone walked in with her 508 beeping like crazy. 
It was a low battery alarm for some reason she didn't realize until she got on the elevator that
it was her pump making the noise.
She changed her batteries, but had lost all her information.  
<Also the click thing,  I usually bolus my 508
blindly and the clicking tells me I've done it correctly.>
There is an easy bolus feature on the Paradigm that is wonderful.  It's what I use when I am
bolusing blindly.  You decided what increment you want to use - mine is set for .5.  You press the
easy bolus once for each increment you want to bolus.  When you are done, you hit ACT.  The pump
then beeps back at you the same number of beeps (and they have different tones so it is very easy
to count them).  You then hit ACT again verifying that the dose is what you want.  It then
delivers the bolus, and beeps when it is finished.  No reason in the world to doubt that you have
'done it correctly'.  And of course, this can also be done with vibrations instead if you don't
want the beeps.
The menu driven screens of the Paradigm are wonderful.  The only reason not to switch is if you
cannot live with the reservoir size.
I have seen some comments about not wanting to own one of the first Paradigms - giving it time to
get the kinks out.  Lots of Minimed employees have been using the Paradigm for a year now.  They
have worked the kinks out already.

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