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Re: [IP] Question about flying

Hi Everyone,

I fly all the time and have been asked about supporting documentation only once, That in San Jose, CA when they saw my pump I always weare it out on waist so it is visable.  This was shortly after Sept 11.  I always carry Insulin and syringes in my Meter case so the see them in the xray machine when it goes through with my laptop.  No Problems anywhere on the West Coast.


In a message dated Wed, 12 Jun 2002  8:58:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted writes:

> I'm not sure of specific airline policies, but it is my understanding that
> you need the insulin boxes with the printed prescriptions. I have flown
> several times in the past six months. I do get stopped about the pump when
> going through security and have had to produce my prescription labels only
> in Denver's airport (United). Generally people are OK with it when you
> explain, as others have mentioned. One guy who searched my 
> bag was even a
> type 2 and we had a good chat about D.
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