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[IP] Re: Fever, Rash and Bgs----follow-up

Thanks to all who showed their concern and shared suggestions  about Claire's 
recent illness.  
     She had a rash and fever for nine days.  Today is day 10 and I'm hoping 
that the fever doesn't spike up and wake her, as it has been doing every 
previous night.  Strep test came back negative so Scarlet Fever was ruled 
out.  On Day 7 the GP (third visit) sent her to a Paediatrician for his 
opinion, which is that its some sort of weird viral thing which will slowly 
go away.  He gave her the most thorough check-up she has had since Dx five 
years ago, but didn't order any blood work which made her happy.  The rash is 
almost gone, so I'm hoping with a few good night's sleep, which she hasn't 
been able to have, she will be better.
     What really amazed me, however, is that her bgs were perfect throughout 
this entire thing.  I didn't think it was possible to have a fever of 40 
degrees C. and have normal bgs.  No changes whatsoever to basals or bolus 
ratios.  Claire doesn't get sick very often, but I do remember a fever a few 
years ago on Christmas Day--her bg was close to 600 that time.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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