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Re: [IP] Disconnecting from Quick-Set

Jayne and Penny,
We've been using the Quick-Sets since Zachary started pumping
mid-February.   I had some trouble re-connecting him at first,
(actually the first re-connect took almost an hour!!!)  but its
a cinch now!    Good thing, since we had a faulty 508 to begin
with that would get bubbles every other day and not put out
insulin.   We were constantly disconnecting to eliminate the
bubbles in the resevoir and tubing and then re-priming and
re-connecting,  OR disconnecting to make sure insulin was
coming out and then reconnecting.

A friend suggested wasting a set-up and injecting it into a solid
substance:   such as a large apple, a potato, etc.  something
that the adhesive would stick too.   We used a big ball of
modeling clay.   They we'd practice disconnecting and reconnecting.
It's much easier to practice on something inanimate rather than
the person the port is connected to who feels the twisting when
you are doing it wrong.

Caught on REAL fast.   The only times I have trouble now is if
I disconnect him at night checking for a possible problem and
then try to reconnect him when I'm sleep-deprived.   If I'm
not careful, I tend to over-squeeze the connecter on the sides
instead of gently squeezing.

Otherwise, since he can typically fo 3 days between changes,
he needs to disconnect each night for showers, plus now he's
swimming 2-5 hours daily and he's reconnecting every 60-90
minutes for a mini-bolus of insulin.   Good luck.


Barbara A. Petzoldt - Pump Mama to Zachary (12)
Fenton, MO
email @ redacted
Independent Kitchen Consultant for The Pampered Chef.
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