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[IP] Re: itchiness and irritations

On 6/12/02 9:18 PM, "teresa davis" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>>> >>>I read your post and I too am suffering from the same itchiness and
>>>> irritations from the pump site. I am miserable with this. My endo suggested
>>>> using phisoderm it just seems to dry my skin out and makes the itching even
>>>> more intolerable! I use the minimed 508 with sofsets and humalog insulin, I
>>>> was on humalog before I started pumping too, Can you have the sensitivity
>>>> to humalog even if you used this insulin prior to pumping???? If anyone
>>>> reads this and can help I would be so thankful! <<<
> Here are two possibilities.  It could be the Humalog, for it is possible to
> have adverse reactions to it being infused rather than injected.  The other
> possibility (which should be investigated first) is that the tape on the
> Sofsets cause the irritation.  Try some different sets, Sils or Quicksets.
> They have a different type of tape, to my understanding, which can cause less
> irritation.
> George
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