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Re: [IP] Re:Diabetics & tattoos


I love your "diabetic" tatoo.  I have been thinking about doing something 
similar for a while.  I think the spot you have it on is great, too, but I'm 
a lawyer and I don't know how it would go over with that crowd (not that I 
like them much anyway, also I'm a criminal defense attny and I don't think 
my clients would think any less of me ;)).  Problem is that the whole point 
is that it should be obvious.  Anyway, now that I've seen yours, I'm afraid 
that I may NEED one!  Can you tell us what it's like to have it?  Like, have 
you gotten any wierd reactions?  Have you ever regretted it?  Also, if 
there's any emts or docs out there - what are the other sites would 
definitely be found by rescuers?

And have a great marathon!


>Personally I have 4 tattoos... all which are coverable
>90% of the time.  One of mine is a DIABETIC alert
>symbol on my inner left wrist.  You can check it out
>at my web site.... just click the link below:

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