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Re: [IP] Re:Question about Pumps & Cruise Ships

Jim, I agree with Bluejay's comments about radar.  In order to get FDA
approval, insulin pumps are tested for a number of environments, including
electromagetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic susceptibility, and
electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Radars can put out very strong signals, and the antennas typically rotate.
However, you probably won't be able to get too close, as those areas of the
ship are undoubtedly restricted.  If you see or feel the hair on your arms
(or head) raise up, you're too close! }:0


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> We are going on a cruise ship in July. A technician at Disetronic
mentioned I
> should be careful of the radar or sonar on the ship as it might cause
> problems with my pump.
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