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[IP] Paradigm Upgrade (no clip???)

I am thinking about the upgrade and still don't know if I should upgrade 
from my 508.  The reservoir size is okay for me, i like the idea of no 
clicking noise and the new menu, but...

my reservations lie in the fact that there is no clip on the pump itself; i 
tend to wear the pump on the cleavage part of my bra when I wear dresses or 
skirts whose waistlines I'd rather not have a pump hanging off of. I know 
that I won't be able to have the pump in the case with the clip and attach 
it to that place on the bra (my personal stash of cleavage is not that 
abundant!) So, although the paradigm is "smaller" (which I don't really 
think it is, when I looked at them side by side), it definitely wouldn't be 
smaller in that situation.  Any women out there who can tell me what they 
do??? Please reply directly and not to the list because I don't have a lot 
of time to scroll through all messages, thx!
pumping for one year & 2 months, 27 years old, dxed at 18.

You got tuh go there, tuh know there.
-Zora Neale Hurston

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